TOP BOY Season 3: Release Date, Star Cast, Episodes

TOP BOY Season 3

Top Boy Season 3 is out on Netflix 7th September 2023. This drama show is based on two brothers dealing drugs on the streets of London later threatened by a new and young drug dealer. Some of the scenes of this drama show contain Nudity, Substance, Violence and the use oof tobacco.

Star cast of Top Boy Season 3

The Star Cast of this drama show has some very know faces in the industry. Top Boy Season 3 has at least 5 known faces and they are best in their role. The Star Cast real and character role names are mentioned below

Ashley Walters As Dushane: Ashley Walters is a British actor and a rapper.

Micheal Ward As Jamie: Micheal Ward is a Jamaican-British actor and a model.

Jasmine Jobson As Jacqueline: Jasmine is a British Actress.

Kano As Sully: Kano is a British actor and songs writer.

Dave As Modie: Dave is basically a rapper and acted in this drama series.

TOP BOY Season 3
Top Boy Season 3

Top Boy Season 3 total Episodes, Episode names and Duration

Top Boy Season 3 has 6 episodes in total. The shortest episode of this drama series is 41 minutes and the longest is 56 minutes.

EpisodeEpisode NameDuration
Season3 E1Step Back51M
Season3 E2The Tour49M
Season3 E3Birthday Party55M
Season3 E4The Food Is Killing us41M
Season3 E5Has It Come to This49M
Season3 E6If We Are Not Monsters56M

The length of the Top Boy Season 3 first episode “Step Back” is 51 minutes.

The length of the Top Boy Season 3 second episode “The Tour” is 49 minutes.

The length of the Top Boy Season 3 third episode “Birthday Party” is 55 minutes.

The length of the Top Boy Season 3 fourth episode “The Food Is Killing Us” is 41 minutes.

The length of the Top Boy Season 3 fifth episode “has It Come to This” is 49 minutes.

The length of the Top Boy Season 3 sixth episode “If We Are Not Monsters” is 56 minutes.

How many seasons are available of Top Boy drama show on Netflix?

There are three seasons of Top Boy in total on Netflix. All seasons can be watched on Netflix.

How many episodes are there in the first and second seasons?

There are Ten episodes in the first season of Top Boy and all are available on Netflix. The second season of Top Boy has a total number of Eight episodes and is available to watch on Netflix.

What is the length of the first and second seasons of Top Boy?

The first season’s length is 526 minutes(8 hours 8 minutes) and the second season’s length is 458 minutes(7 hours 7 minutes).

Where to watch Top Boy Season 3?

Top Boy Season 3 can be streamed only on Netflix. All seasons of Top Boy are available on Netflix.


The Top Boy show has received a good number of reviews.

IMDb: 8.4/10

Gadgets 360: 4.5/5

Rotten Tomatoes: 95%

Is there a trailer available for Top Boy Season 3?

Yes, You can watch the trailer for this drama show below

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