Top 9 SEO Strategies that best SEO Services in India follow for Better Ranking in 2022

SEO Agency in Noida

Google has been the most popular and user-friendly search engine for the last two decades. Other search engines get far fewer search counts than Google. As a blogger or a digital marketer, it is important for you to rank on the first page of the search engine. But in these two decades, Google’s ranking has been constantly changing its terms and conditions based on the scenarios.

In 2022 again we need to look after the latest trend that Google is following to give a ranking. Here are the top 10 strategies that the best SEO Agency in Noida follow. You can also follow the same to gain ranking on Google.

SEO Strategies

SEO Agency in Noida

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  1. Write only high-quality content:

No matter in which year we are living, the content will always be the number one in best SEO strategy. Whether you are blogging selling a product or providing a service, content is the key factor in your digital journey.

Always try to write content that can help people to gain something. Your content should have in-depth knowledge and information. In every niche, this is true. Without it, your website is just a showpiece.

– Add topic and subtopic of the content you write.

– Try to get proofs and sources of the content. It makes the content reliable.

– Use informative images, header tags, colors to show the important parts of your content.

– Write such that you are talking to your audience.

  1. Internal and external linking:

Many don’t know but linking your pages is one of the best SEO strategies of SEO services in India. Internal links are the hyperlink between two pages on your website. External Linking is using hyperlinks between two different websites. Google and other search engines have crawling software that checks the data and structure of your website. Internal linking guides Google to different pages of your website. More internal linking helps to get a higher ranking in Google.

Similar is with external linking. Here you put links to different websites on your web pages. One example is affiliate links where you direct a visitor to the seller’s website.

You must add only reliable links to your websites.

  1. Get backlinks:

Generating backlinks for your website is the off-page best SEO strategy. People are ready to pay hundreds of dollars for creating backlinks from a renowned website. However, there are many free platforms that can give you backlinks.

– Backlinks strategy is a long-term game.

– It takes a lot of consistent effort and it is not easy.

– It would be good if you first learn it from a digital marketing training institute as you can make many minor and major mistakes in your initial journey.

  1. Keyword Optimization:

Keywords are a group of words that people write on the search engine whenever they want to find something.

Using keywords is the best SEO strategy of SEO services in India you can ever follow. When you are writing content for your product and services, you must add the right keywords to it. This is a tested and proven technique that anyone can use with a little creative approach in his/her content. Find what people write the most to search content like yours. Keyword relates to the intent of the user.

– Find keywords in Google Keyword Planner.

– Use the keyword in writing your blogs, your image properties, meta-description in blogs, and even in the social media content.

– Write LSI keywords as they also describe the content.

– Writing keywords in the URL is also a great strategy to get a high ranking.

– Write keywords in the Title and headers.

– Prevent keyword stuffing.

  1. User experience:

All your efforts do not matter if a user would not enjoy visiting your website. User is the king that we all want to entertain. It is a user who will support you to go big.

Always think about how simply you can present your website to your visitors. They must find your website attractive and a worthy place for their time. Your major focus should be on getting new traffic as well as retaining the old traffic.

– Put high-quality content.

– Don’t put too many ads on your website.

– Keep it simple and classy.

  1. Content-length:

It is debatable that Google ranking depends on how long content you write. However many people consider it one of the best strategies for SEO services in India. This is a variable factor. Different platforms have different requirements. Google prefers 1000-1200 word length blogs on any website. However, you can write as much as you can. Social media platforms prefer content within the 300-400 word limit.

Longer content means you can put more hyperlinks and images in that. You can also go into an in-depth discussion with your audience.

  1. Mobile friendly website:

A Mobile is a very advanced device. It is easy to use and easy to carry. Smartphones have brought the whole world into our hands. Today more than 60% of the whole population uses mobile for surfing through websites. It means 6 out of 10 people are reading this blog on their phones.

If you want to gain more visitors, you must make your websites mobile-friendly. This best SEO services in India strategy will help you to reach out to a large mass of audiences who don’t have a personal computer.

  1. Domain Authority:

Domain Authority refers to the worthiness of your website in the eyes of Google. It is very important that you understand this technical factor. Google will never promote any kind of spam. It is a must that you earn the trust of Google so that the company would not hesitate to show you on the first page of Google search.

There are three factors that increase the domain authority of your website.

– Backlinks from the websites having high DA.

– Post quality content on your website.

– Maintain consistency.

  1. Website Structure & speed:

Experts know that the structure of your website can affect your Google ranking. It includes crawl ability, URLs, security, internal linking, and speed. All these factors affect the ranking. Google is very strict over its ranking pages. It will not promote anything that it feels unsafe for its users.

– You should maintain your website in the SILO structure.

– Use HTTPS to enhance your website security.

– Keep your website’s URL short, simple, and easy to read.

– Your website should be very fast and mobile-friendly.


SEO is the backbone of the digital marketing industry. The more you discover it, the more benefit it will give you. Google SEO changes its rules with the changing digital world and its trends. Above are the latest SEO trends that top SEO Services In Noida use today. These are tested and proven techniques that will surely bring results to you.

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