How to Keep Your Fans Engaged Through Email


Aside from creating and releasing music, it is a musician’s responsibility to keep the fans interested and engaged. As a musician, it is important to market yourself and your music effectively. You need to strengthen your fan community by creating a connection with them.

There are a lot of ways you can build a relationship with your fans and your community, like email marketing. This strategy lets you be in touch with your listeners personally. You can discuss upcoming events and possible releases to promote your music. 

Of course, it goes without saying that you need to have sufficient knowledge of marketing in order to market yourself properly, but don’t worry, we’ve got a list of tips on how to keep your fans engaged through email marketing.

5 Tips to Keep Your Music Fans Engaged

Marketing and being a musician go hand in hand nowadays, especially for those who are not signed to a major recording label that handles that area. For small or local artists, music promotions are usually done personally or with a small group of people. 

Email marketing is a doable strategy, and it is also one of the most effective ways to build rapport with your listeners.

Here are 5 email marketing strategies you can follow to do it successfully.

  1. Your Email List

You might be asking “how am I supposed to have my fans’ email address?” Well, there are a lot of ways you can acquire them. This kind of information can be collected when your fans buy tickets or attend your gigs and concerts or buy your merch. 

In the beginning, this list might be a little short, especially if you are just starting out. But don’t worry, you can just start small. Eventually, as you do more gigs and people buy more of your merch, you can collect their email addresses so you can add them to your email list and nurture them with consistent email marketing campaigns.

  1. Set Your Goals

Determine what exactly you are trying to achieve with email marketing. Are you trying to raise ticket sales? Trying to get more people to listen to your music? Inform your fans of your upcoming events? Or planning to release new music and hyping it up for your fans? 

Whatever your purpose is, it is important to have concrete goals, so you can do the right strategies for your email marketing. Set deadlines for each goal, so you can identify how much and how long you need to market for. 

  1. Create a Template

You want to create a template for your emails that is specially made for your campaign. You don’t want to be sending out something that has already been used by someone else for something else before. 

For your email template, create something that is visually unique and appealing so that it engages and excites your fans. Aside from your announcement or promotion, you can also include your logo and colors to make it your own. You can also use special fonts and put in photos to make it look better. 

You can create your email template using a lot of different apps and sites that offer these services.

  1. Choose the Right Platform

Using an email marketing platform helps in getting your emails to a wide reach of people.  They have the means to release professional-looking email campaigns which will prove useful especially for musicians that want to be taken seriously. 

Email marketing platforms also have the technology to be able to track how those campaigns are doing, enabling you to be aware of what needs to be improved on for your future marketing efforts. They also have the ability to prevent emails from ending up in spam boxes, so you’ll be sure that your emails get where they need to go. 

There are a number of good providers that might offer the specific services you need for your email marketing strategies. We highly suggest PosterMyWall’s email campaign platform for solid results.

  1. Monitor Your Email Campaigns

Once you start sending your emails out, it is important to keep track of how they are doing out there. Email marketing platforms also give you information on your email open rate, email delivery rate, and such to keep you informed of how your marketing strategy is performing. 

Another thing you can do to effectively market your music through email is learning how to understand the reports that you get about them. The platform you choose can help you gather relevant insights on what you need to improve and what is going well for you. Optimizing your email marketing campaign and other digital marketing effort requires constant monitoring and tweaking, so you can generate maximum exposure and results.


If you are a small musician that is just starting out and you have no idea where to start, maybe you can begin by ticking off some of the tips we’ve provided you with. There’s so much you can achieve if you get your marketing strategies right, and email marketing is a crucial component of the big picture.

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