The Best Variations in Leather Jackets at USA Jacket

Leather Jackets

Leather jacket is certainly the most iconic piece of clothing in both men’s and womenswear. It has been a significant fashion piece for more than decades now. With its durability, strength and charm, leather jackets have managed to be at the top of the fashion industry since decades now. 

Leather jackets were initially introduced for military pilots in the early 1900s, with the purpose of serving the pilots with warmth and elegance. Soon after that, leather jackets became popular for common people as well, and since then, have become a fashion statement equipped with charm, grace and style. 

Nowadays, leather jackets are available in several styles, colors and designs, and can be found all over the internet. Amongst all the available options, one can surely get confused when choosing a good leather jacket. Thankfully, we have NYJacket to the rescue.

NYJacket is the brand that has been dealing with leather jackets for more than decades now. They have a vast collection of leather apparels, be it blazers, jackets, vests or coats, all just a click away. With all the transitions that leather jackets have been making, you can find the best variations at Tate Langdon Sweater

Leather Jackets

Leather Jackets

Leather jackets have been in continuous evolution since decades, thus, we have a variety to choose from. In this article, we will be going through the best variations in leather jackets at NYJacket . 

Bomber jackets were the very first style of leather jackets introduced in 1920s for military pilots. The jacket was constructed to serve the pilots with warmth, durability and practicality. The jacket is made up from genuine leather skin that is sturdy and durable. The minimal and simple design of a bomber jacket has a tapered through the waist. The rib knitted collar with a central zipper closure looks traditional, and the jacket usually ends up with an elastic material at the waist, that ensures to keep the jacket close to your body. These bomber jackets are easily found in black, brown, red or navy blue. 

  • Classic Biker Jacket

A classic biker jacket is the most common option available for leather jackets. A biker jacket is constructed from durable and strong material, usually cowhide or bison leather. It is constructed with thick material so that it can serve its purpose and keep you protected. The leather material of the jacket has the properties to resist wind, rain and dust, and keep you safe if encountered in an accident or a crash. The genuine leather material of the jacket is paired up with breathable lining on the inside. It features a big leather collar with a zipper closure at the front. The straight cut of the jacket is not form fitting through the torso. The jacket is accessorized with zippers, studs, snaps and buckles, and looks super cool.

  • Café Racer Jacket

A Café racer jacket is a modern version of a biker jacket that follows the same design and principles of a biker jacket. A good café racer jacket can be a great addition to your wardrobe, because it can be a perfect fit for people of all ages. It is constructed from genuine leather skin, usually cowhide or horsehide, with fabric lining on the inside. It structures a straight collar usually paired up with a buckle or snap tab. The minimal design of the jacket goes all classy with a straight zipper closure that offers a straight lined cut.

  • Flight Jacket

A Flight jacket has been popular since 1917, when it was first introduced for the United States Army. The jacket structures an effortless shape that makes it soft, supple and smooth. The fitted look of a flight jacket with a larger than average look gives a unique appearance. The jacket is constructed from thick and smooth materials, with big thick lapel collar and a single down closure at the front. A Flight jacket may also include some pockets, patches and pulls to advance the look of the apparel. 

  • Leather Blazer 

A leather blazer can be a great addition to your wardrobe. Apart from the design that a leather jacket displays, a blazer structures the style is perfect for both fall and winter. Blazers are usually more common amongst women, and even men wear it with great attitude and boldness. The material of a leather blazer is usually soft and protective, such as cowhide or lambskin. A traditional leather blazer structures a moderate fitted style with big traditional lapel collar and buttoned closure at the center. The two functional pockets on the front are spacious enough to hold onto your belongings. 


Leather jackets can be worn all year around, as they feature a versatile and traditional design. Leather jackets are surely the best one to invest in, because their significant advantages are surely worth the price that you pay for them. A good leather jacket can be quite expensive, and may cost you a good fortune, but if taken good care of it, your leather jacket may last for more than a decade. 

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