Dark Blue Hairstyles That Will Brighten Up Your Look


Playing with color does not necessitate a full-fledged rainbow aesthetic. Dark blue hair is a great hair color to play with muted colors. Deep shade blue will elevate your haircut to new heights of sophistication.

Deep hues evoke a sense of mystery, serenity, and elegance. Dark blue waves appear gorgeous, while navy blue waves remind you of a stormy sea.

Using layered hair, hair bangs, or clip-in hair streaks, you can elevate any dark blue hairstyle you’re considering.

What kind of hair vibe do you have right now? Dark blue hairstyles are all the rage right now because they will brighten up your look.

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Try one of these 18 hairstyles to feel the cool factor for yourself.

1. Teal Mermaid Tresses

Teal mermaid layered hair

It’s not necessary for a royal blue ombre to be as dark as it appears. A deep teal balayage can help you unleash your inner siren. Oh, and the best thing about this ensemble? It’s minimal maintenance and doesn’t necessitate frequent touch-ups.

2. The color of the sea

Sea layered hair color

The ombre aesthetic is always changing, and it’s now a beautiful blue tone. The brilliant soft blue ombre is a classic “cool chick” appearance that will steal the show. For added flair, clip-in extensions can be used to add some hair bangs.

3. Cookie Monster Blue

Dark blue wavy hair

The popular, sugar-obsessed cartoon character is also the trendiest hairstyle for women. But don’t worry, these robin’s blue tresses aren’t as frightening as they appear. In fact, they’re rather stunning!

4. Indigo Hair

Indigo blue

If you’re seeking the appropriate blue base color for black hair, try Indigo, a blue with purple accents. With chestnut or ebony hair, the deep tone will mix in beautifully, making the dramatic color switch a little smoother.

5. Blue Vixen

Blue hair with side hair bangs

Since your blue hair is designed to glow, make sure you choose a color with a high gloss. Due to the sheer lighting effect, deep blue hairstyles appear elevated and expensive. You can get layered hair to give your style a little more edge.

6. Sea Sleek Blue

Sea sleek blue

When your hair is sleek and glossy, each color is evident and stands out. After you’ve worked so hard to make your hair a work of artistry, it’s critical that it be noticed.

7. Multicolored Magic

Multicolored magic

To give your haircut a stylish, rebellious vibe, combine your navy blue hair color with a dark purple hue. To make it appear as if you were blessed with a multicolored mane of hair, make sure the color shift is seamless and realistic.

8. Midnight Balayage

Midnight balayage

Caramel highlights shouldn’t have to be bland! Add some navy blue colors at the end of your hair to brighten it up and flaunt your boldness. With the curtain or wispy hair bangs, a midnight balayage hairstyle will look stunning.

9. Jewel-Toned Hair

Jewel-toned hair

Blues in muted shades give your hair a vibrant look. The gorgeous blue accents elevate even the most basic dark blue haircuts. To achieve the smooth and glamorous effect of black hair, use dark or aqua blue clip in hair streaks.

10. Blue Layers

Blue layers

If you already have a layered short haircut, add extra royal blue hair to make a statement. A lustrous aquamarine hue on layered hair adds playfulness to your look.

11. Blueberry Pixie

Blueberry pixie

A pixie haircut is already an edge hairstyle. Adding dark blue hair color will make your hair vibrant and stylish. It is that effortless.

12. Midnight Waves

Midnight waves

You don’t really have to go all out to turn blue. To see what you can come up with, try some highlights on dark blue hairstyles using clip in hair streaks. The result is both tasteful and striking. It’s an excellent method to get your color fix without overdoing it.

13. Shine of Ultramarine

Ultramarine shine

Don’t be afraid to play around with different blue colored hair colors. Have some fun with it by combining a vibrant blue with a dark color, purple-tinged blue in an ombre appearance. When done and curled to elegance, this hairstyle is truly captivating.

14. Royal Tresses

Royal tresses

Hair in shades of purple and blue screams “royalty.” The two hues are linked with grandeur and luxury, and when paired, they have a royal feel to them. Create a bright balayage with the two hues and end with a customized hair accessory. See if you already don’t feel like a queen you are.

15. Masterpiece in Gradients

Masterpiece in gradients

Include a gradient with cooler tones of purple and green to keep your dark blue hair cool. The color variation will give the style a lot of life and character while complementing the foundation hue.

16. Dutch Braids in Blue

Dutch braids

Braided hairstyles aren’t simply for working out hard. Dutch braids in blue hair color are effortless and stylish. When worn with bold hair color, this style is the admiration of every trend-chasing person you meet.

17. Colorful Waterfall

Colorful waterfall

Are you looking for ways to try something new with your hair? To your dark roots, apply dramatic, gorgeous purple and blue stripes. It doesn’t matter if you have mermaid hair or not!

18. Blue Plaits with Mohawks

Blue plaits with mohawk

When styled as part of a trimmed faux hawk haircut, royal blue hair looks the most edgy. To create the grunge ‘do, combine sloppy Dutch braids and fishtails. Pull on the plaits to make them look better and fuller.


By now, you’ve most likely succumbed to the dark blue hair trend. Who can blame you? It’s a look that’s both adaptable and cool. Walking into a room with dark blue hair color is shamelessly beautiful, and others can’t help but compliment you.

So begin your summer off well by wearing the hottest blue colors. The question is whether you’ll ever want to return to normal hair color after falling in love with dark blue hairstyles.

That’s where Diva Divine thrives.

At Diva Divine, we love ladies who love experimenting with bold hair colors. However, we understand that our natural hair can easily get damaged between colors and styling treatments.

Diva Divine Hair is one of the most popular hair brands in India. Diva Divine offers beautiful 100% human hair extensions and hair wigs.

You can add color to your hair whenever and wherever you desire using clip in hair streaks from Diva Divine. It is easy to clip them onto your hair. You can choose from three popular blue hair colors: dark blue, aqua blue, and light blue.

Get the blue clip in hair streaks, and you’re all set to spread the rainbow!

  1. 18 blue hairstyles to brighten up your look

2.18 dark blue hairstyles to try

3.18 shades of blue hairstyles you need to try!

  1. 18 Dark blue hairstyles to try
  2. 18 Dark blue hairstyles you must-try!
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